Dance & Theology

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So far I have published the following academic papers on Dance and Theology:


Dance in the Early Church: Sources and restrictions’ in Approaching Religion Vol. 6, No. 2 2016, p. 55-66.


At the Origins of a Western Sacred Dance Tradition - A History in Need of Re-writing.’ in The Origins of Religion. Perspectives from Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies. Eds. Hanne Applqvist and Dan-Johan Eklund Luther-Agricola-Seura Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft 71, Tampere, 2017

`Dance in the Early Church - Re-visiting the Sources´ Studia Patristica - Papers presented at the XVIII International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2019 (forthcoming 2020/2021)

More info on my research can be found on Academia


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Soundscapes: Markus Howlsten

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