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These are the core values and goals that my company Kolminaisuus and I as its CEO stand for:

"I am a dancing theologian who longs for taking part in waking people to Life. Through my movement practice, inspirational workshops, education on heart issues of body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit I aspire to lead people into Holistic wellbeing and health. I love combining arts, creative approaches and science in modelling lifestyle choices that support natural health, stewardship over the earth; animals, plants and humans. My aim is to take action that points towards Beauty, Goodness and Justice as signposts of The Kingdom of God in our world and my company wants to partner up with any one who I see doing the same!​

My goal is to give people who choose to deal with me healthy, pure and high quality products that are in line with my company values and goals of promoting holistic health and wellbeing for ALL of creation. I wish to offer material and/or immaterial goods that are life-giving and transformational.

I believe there is goodness in the balancing of an exchange of goods with an equal transaction of monetary or other funds. I also believe in a world of values beyond that which money can offer and do not want money to stand in between a person and their possibility of reaching more health, wellbeing and an overflowing life. Therefore, if you do not have the money available to you right now, yet feel called to ask for the goods I have to offer, I am open to suggestions on alternative modes of exchange, where you offer your art, time or gifts as a service to my company."


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